Intelligent machinery to open the efficient production, in the goods of intellectual property to build up the strength of the Guangzhou Beauty Expo

China International Beauty Expo will be held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. Beauty Expo is a global mega show of 6 exhibitions a year, the exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, will be from the world 2000 + quality enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition will be through the whole process of the industrial chain, so that the major enterprises to share the opportunities in China.


On the solicitation of "pulsed light sterilization machine" "made in zhejiang" standard (draft) of the opinion of the announcement

According to the "group standards management regulations" (national standard committee joint [2019] No. 1) of the relevant requirements, is now in Ningbo in the matter of photoelectric sterilization technology limited company drafted the "pulse intense light sterilization machine" "made in zhejiang" standard (draft) to the community for public comment!


Germicidal effect of pulsed bright light on microorganisms

Pulsed light is a new technology that is expected to replace the traditional physical and chemical sterilization means, it is the use of instantaneous, high-intensity pulsed light energy, effectively kill bacteria, mold, spores, viruses, protoplasm, dormant spores and other types of microorganisms exposed to the surface of the food and packaging materials or water, as well as the endogenous enzymes in the food. Pulse light on all types of microorganisms sterilization effect is very obvious, and it is a non-mercury, low heat, no by-products of the new sterilization technology.


Pulsed light sterilization channel, in the material photoelectric technology to help the war epidemic

Recently, the second wave of the epidemic peak in various regions of the world has swept along with the low temperature, and the virus mutation phenomenon has appeared in the U.K. Although the domestic epidemic situation is much better compared to other countries, the domestic Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, many times in the imported cold-chained food on the outer packaging of the detection of the new coronavirus, and the emergence of the new cases of object-to-human transmission, these phenomena have caused widespread concern in the community. Academician Li Lanjuan has always emphasized that the prevention of imported cases is an important task at present. Adhering to the "People-to-People Prevention" is the strict enforcement standard for inbound epidemic prevention.


Introduction to Food Sterilization Technology

Sterilization technology plays a crucial role in food industry production, including ensuring product quality of equipment and increasing the shelf life of goods. With the increasing demand for delicious and nutritious ingredients from customers, more and more food sterilization technologies are being used in food industry production.


The "Pulse Strong Light Sterilization" Technology of Zhongwu Optoelectronic Sterilization

The technical team of Zhongwu Optoelectronics Sterilization, a national level technology enterprise incubator and a incubating enterprise of Zhongwu Science and Technology Park in the national level innovation space, has developed and finalized a pulse strong light sterilization system with independent intellectual property rights through the incubation support of Zhongwu Science and Technology Park. It has become the world's third and the first pulse strong light sterilization system provider in China that integrates independent research and development, production, and sales.

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