Pulsed light sterilization channel, in the material photoelectric technology to help the war epidemic

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Recently, the second wave of the epidemic peak in various regions of the world has swept along with the low temperature, and the virus mutation phenomenon has appeared in the U.K. Although the domestic epidemic situation is much better compared to other countries, the domestic Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, many times in the imported cold-chained food on the outer packaging of the detection of the new coronavirus, and the emergence of the new cases of object-to-human transmission, these phenomena have caused widespread concern in the community. Academician Li Lanjuan has always emphasized that the prevention of imported cases is an important task at present. Adhering to the "People-to-People Prevention" is the strict enforcement standard for inbound epidemic prevention.

Recently, the second wave of epidemic peak in various regions of the world has swept along with the low temperature, and the virus mutation phenomenon has appeared in the UK. Although the domestic epidemic is much better than other countries, the COVID-19 has been detected on the external packaging of imported cold chain food for many times in Tianjin, Shanghai and other places in China, and new cases of human to animal transmission have emerged, which has aroused widespread concern in the society. Academician Li Lanjuan has always emphasized that strict prevention of imported cases is an important task for Z at present. Adhering to the principle of "joint prevention among individuals" is a strict implementation standard for epidemic prevention upon entry.
As important channels for entry, airports and ports have a large area, wide distribution, and fast flow. How to quickly and effectively disinfect airport luggage and imported cold chain food has become the primary problem to be solved. Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and other major domestic entry routes have also strengthened special disinfection and sterilization on the basis of conventional disinfection and sterilization, refined the disinfection process, and implemented two-way disinfection and treatment for epidemic prevention and control in the regions where inbound passengers from key countries (regions) fly.
However, traditional sterilization methods such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, ozone, and ultraviolet light, in the airport, port and other environments, the disadvantages of long time consuming, non energy saving, non environmental protection, missing dead corners, and inability to kill all kinds of bacteria at one time are also inevitable, leaving a hidden danger of transmission in the later period, and there is a risk of safe consumption when used for cold chain food disinfection and sterilization.
So, is there any way or technology that can really achieve all-round disinfection and sterilization with high efficiency and harmlessness?
The pulse strong light sterilization technology of Ningbo Zhongwu Optoelectronic Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. can solve the problem!



Pulse light sterilization technology is a new generation of nearly perfect cold sterilization technology in the world at present, which can efficiently kill various pathogenic microorganisms, including mold, spore fungus and other stubborn strains. It has played an irreplaceable role in the past disinfection and sterilization of SARS virus, MERS coronavirus, Ebola virus and other extremely strong viruses.
Ningbo Zhongwu Optoelectronic Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise converted from military to civilian use, has been focusing on the industrial application of pulse strong light sterilization technology for 10 years. It provides professional and customized system sterilization solutions and equipment production services for various fields such as industry, medical treatment, and civilian use. For entry epidemic prevention work, it has once again applied pulse strong light sterilization technology, Research, development and launch of disinfection and sterilization channel equipment series, including "airport baggage disinfection and sterilization channel", "cold chain food disinfection and sterilization channel", "trolley disinfection and sterilization channel", provide a strong line of defense for overseas imported virus prevention.
Is there any omission in baggage disinfection and sterilization? Pulse strong light sterilization channel with no residue and dead corners
The pulse strong light sterilization channel of Zhongwu Optoelectronics can be intelligently activated according to the sterilization needs of luggage, instantly releasing high-intensity light similar to "laser". Its light energy is 10 million times that of natural light, like lightning, piercing the microbial cell wall, causing complete cell rupture, and the fine cell fluid to flow out and evaporate, ultimately leading to the complete death of microorganisms.
When the baggage passes through the disinfection and sterilization channel, the light source can quickly reach all surfaces of the baggage, including dead corners such as wheels and telescopic rods. At the "visible" and "invisible" details, 360 degree all-round sterilization and disinfection are achieved, and there is really no dead corner and residue.





Food level safety technology upgrading cold chain disinfection and sterilization is more effective

Compared with baggage disinfection and sterilization, cold chain food disinfection and sterilization requires higher requirements, not only to be completely free of residues, but also to ensure food safety after disinfection and sterilization.
Traditional sterilization methods such as high-temperature sterilization (such as pasteurization) and chemical sterilization (such as ozone sterilization of water bodies) are widely used, but after sterilization, they can have certain adverse effects on the product. For example, high-temperature sterilization can cause changes in the taste and taste of food, damaging its nutritional value; Chemical sterilization, on the other hand, can leave harmful substances in products, many of which are more likely to cause cancer.
The pulse strong light sterilization technology of Zhongwu Optoelectronics can perfectly avoid these problems. Pulse strong light technology belongs to non-thermal sterilization technology and focuses on surface sterilization, making it suitable for handling heat sensitive cold chain foods.
When cold chain food passes through the disinfection and sterilization channel, the equipment can release high-energy light radiation and extremely high peak power in a very short time (tens to hundreds of microseconds) to instantly kill various microorganisms on the food surface. Due to its very short duration, it not only effectively preserves the nutritional components and original flavor of food, but also extends its shelf life.


 Pulsed strong light sterilization up to 99.99%, bacteria nowhere to hide 

At airports, in addition to passenger luggage and cold chain logistics, hand carts are also high-frequency and highly mobile equipment used at airports. In order to ensure the complete disinfection of the trolley, the pulse strong light trolley disinfection and sterilization channel launched by Zhongwu Optoelectronics can achieve instant instant killing and resurrection. After the equipment is started, the ultra strong light is projected onto the trolleys, which quickly realizes the disinfection and sterilization of multiple trolleys, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. Not only does it greatly improve disinfection efficiency, but it also avoids the corrosion of the handcart that may be caused by the use of disinfectant, as well as the parts such as the handcart basket frame and wheels that cannot be wiped by daily disinfection mode, achieving full coverage and no dead corners disinfection of the handcart.

At present, there has not been a complete victory in epidemic prevention and control. We adhere to the principles of "external prevention against input, internal prevention against rebound", and "people against the same", make epidemic prevention and control more practical, detailed, and normalized, increase the intensity of epidemic prevention and control measures, and provide protection for passengers' travel. As a high-tech enterprise focused on the forefront of sterilization and disinfection technology, with its own expertise and technology, providing high-tech support, Zhongwu Optoelectronics is dutiful!

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Germicidal effect of pulsed bright light on microorganisms

Pulsed light is a new technology that is expected to replace the traditional physical and chemical sterilization means, it is the use of instantaneous, high-intensity pulsed light energy, effectively kill bacteria, mold, spores, viruses, protoplasm, dormant spores and other types of microorganisms exposed to the surface of the food and packaging materials or water, as well as the endogenous enzymes in the food. Pulse light on all types of microorganisms sterilization effect is very obvious, and it is a non-mercury, low heat, no by-products of the new sterilization technology.

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