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Ningbo Zhongguo Optoelectronic Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. is a military-to-civilian high-tech company established based on China's nuclear weapons development base-China Academy of Engineering Physics. The company was established in 2011 and has devoted itself to development for 11 years. Domestic experts in related professional fields such as, electronics, mechanics, etc. have created a highly educated operation team full of passion and courage to develop. The company currently focuses on pulsed light, ultraviolet, electron beam, composite intelligent photon vision detection technology, is a domestic independent research and development, production, sales as one of the non-thermal sterilization solutions and composite detection solutions provider. Our products have been highly recognized by leading enterprises in the industry, providing an important means for China to achieve high standards of food safety.

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As a specialized and special new enterprise in Ningbo, the company has an efficient and professional research and development team, and has obtained 48 patents, including 8 invention patents. It is the first drafter of the group standard of "Pulse Strong Light Sterilization Equipment" and "QB/T5587 Food Processing Machinery-Pulse Strong Light Sterilization Machine, among them," high killing rate pulse light aseptic packaging sterilization equipment research and development and production application "won the national technical standards innovation base (dairy) Jin Li innovation award, the company developed two pulse light sterilization equipment twice included in the province's first set of list, won the title of national gazelle enterprise.

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Pulse light sterilization technology is a new generation of cold sterilization technology strongly introduced in the world at present. It is a physical cold sterilization method with no pollution, fast sterilization (microsecond level) and high energy efficiency. It is especially an ideal sterilization alternative for places where conventional sterilization technologies such as Aspergillus niger cannot effectively kill or chemical sterilization brings residues or does not change taste and destroy nutrition. Really do a harmless no residue, is to meet a variety of sterilization industry to deal with microorganisms a choice.

Through the integration of terahertz detection, X-ray detection and visual detection, the composite intelligent photon vision detection realizes the composite detection of food packaging defects, internal foreign matter and prohibited additives, providing a solution for the food industry.

Sterilization Technology of Pulsed Light

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In the past few years, the development has been highly recognized and widely used by a large number of enterprises such as Mengniu/Yili/Juewei Duck Neck/Benefiting Dairy/Dinghu Mountain Spring/Lanzhou Manor Dairy/Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. It broke the foreign monopoly and provided an important means for China to achieve high standards of food safety.

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So far, the company has completed several rounds of financing, the scale of the enterprise has gradually expanded, and the scope of product application has been continuously expanded. We believe that with better operational initiatives, potential business opportunities in existing markets and the potential to enter the broader market, we are well positioned for long-term growth.

At the beginning of its establishment, with the mission of "scientific and technological innovation to promote food safety" and the concept of "self-improvement, sincere cooperation, perseverance and excellence", the company will continue to innovate and forge ahead, and strive to achieve a win-win situation for customers, shareholders and employees.

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