Sterilization equipment

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Package Sterilization Module

This equipment is applied to the sterilization of the surface and interior of the packaging materials, and the number of modules and power can be determined according to the speed of the production line, the way of traveling materials, the installation space and sterilization indexes, etc. The sterilization time and frequency can be adjusted according to the form of the materials and the requirements of the production line.

Solid Granule Sterilization Line

This equipment is used for continuous sterilization treatment on the surface of solid materials, which can be adjusted according to the form and requirements of different materials in the form of transmission, sterilization time, sterilization frequency and output.

Pulsed Intense Light Sterilization Robot

Sterilization robot is a highly efficient sterilization equipment used for air sterilization. The device consists of the main body, lamp body and human-machine interactive interface and other parts.

High school test beds

This equipment for colleges and universities or research institutes sterilization experiments with experimental devices, according to the experimental materials and sterilization requirements to adjust the sterilization distance, energy, frequency, time and other parameters.

Portable Instrument Spectrometer

For qualitative detection of spectral energy in specific bands of pulsed intense light

Fluid Sterilization Module

Medium-pressure UV water treatment module with obvious technical and cost-effective advantages. Technically, the energy intensity is much higher than ordinary domestic ultraviolet lamps. Cost-effective, energy intensity in the case of higher than domestic ultraviolet lamps, the price is also much lower than other manufacturers.

High intensity ultraviolet (HIUV)

High intensity ultraviolet sterilization system, the energy is several times higher than the ordinary ultraviolet intensity. Through the strong ultraviolet irradiation to destroy the molecular structure of the cell leading to the death of microorganisms, so as to achieve the role of sterilization and disinfection.

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